Sovrin Extracts is more than just an extraction company. We’re a lifestyle brand that was forged through a passion for the healing properties of cannabis. We strive to creat the most potent, cleanest and enjoyable cannabis products on earth. We use only the best parts and starting materials, and with decades of pressional experience growing medicinal cannabis we ensure that ever run meets our production standards. We strive to make sure that every puff you take tastes and feels like quality.

Simply, we strive to provide the best products to the cannabis community because we are the cannabis community, and we hope you love our products as much as we do 


As a company located on Canada’s west coast you’ll find us in many of the retail dispensaries that are still open in BC and Alberta, as well as in a handful of retail dispensaries throughout Canada. However, if you can’t find a retail location to purchase our products we have several online retailers that carry us as well. Sovrin Extracts does not sell direct to consumer, but we have several online retailers that we are proud to work with that we call our Preferred Partners. Included in those partners are:






At Sovrin Extracts we pride ourselves in 

creating the most pure and potent extracts on the market. Other companies dilute their products by adding fillers or bulking agents to stretch their profits. Our products 

contain ONLY pure extracted ingredients and added terpenes. They contain zero fillers, bulking agents, PG/VG/PGe/MCT or residual solvents so you know that you’re smoking the cleanest products on the market, with lab tests to prove it. 

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The ClearStick V2 Kit is the Crown on top that makes the ClearStick V2 The King of Vaporizers. With a stronger and simpler battery it’s the easiest to use device on the market, with the most power to back it up. Can you last 10 seconds with the king?

Each kit comes with a Sovrin Battery, USB charger and hard carrying case (cartridges sold separately).

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With a total cannabinoid profile above 95% it shows that our THC Distillate is free of any fillers, bulking agents or residual solvents.



With a THC content above 90% our THC Distillate is one of the most potent products on the market. The fact that it contains added terpenes as well makes this number even more impressive.


Our THC Distillate contains only all natural ingredients. It contains no PG/VG/PGe and no artificial colours or sweeteners.


Try the “Tilt Test” for a quick purity comparison. Pure THC Distillate has high viscosity. Turn your product upside down and see if the air bubble moves.


The Clearstick v2 Cartridge 

The major issue with vaporizer pens right now is that they were designed for ejuice liquids and not for thick products like distillates so companies have to dilute thier product down with fillers so it will work with their pen. Sovrin Extracts spent months of research working with a top vaporizer supplier to create the ClearStick V2 which was designed specifically for distillates. This means that not only do our parts work better, but our product is more pure (90+% THC), and that combination provides our customers with an unrivalled vaping experience.

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Pure CBD Cartridge 

Made with Pure Full Spectrum CBD Oil (as opposed to a suspended isolate solution), our Pure CBD cartridges contain Zero THC so you won’t experience the “high” that 

cannabis is typically known for. CBD is emerging quickly as one of the best holistic health medication options and as a safe 

alternative to pharmaceutical medications. Vaping CBD is one of the easiest and most 

effective ways to consume CBD and also allows for easy dosing as you just puff until you feel the desired effects. Try it today and see how CBD can change your life.

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Vape vs Joint

Which is better? 

Have you ever wondered which is the best way to consume cannabis? Is vaping really healthier? Or is it basically the same thing? The recent vaping revolution has even some of the ‘old school’ smokers switching over. Let’s take a look at the facts.

It’s clear to see that vaping cannbis provides many benefits over smoking a traditional joint. Because it’s vapourized at a lower temperature you get more of the benefits from the cannabinoids while avoiding the toxic byproducts produced by burning them at such high temperatures. And don’t forget that vaporizers are extremely discreet and portable. No more having to sneak outside to smoke and coming back smelling like weed. vaporizers put off very little smoke and the smell (which doesn’t smell like weed in the first place) doesn’t cling to your clothes or fingers. Most people just assume it’s a normal e-cig!  


The Sovrin Syringe 

Our syringes are 1ml of Pure Sovrin Gold. They come in Pure THC, Pure CBD or 1:1 THC/CBD. Great for dabs, refilling cartridges and even eating, there are endless possibilities of what you can do with them. Because all our products are Active (meaning they are decarboxylated), simply eating them will allow you to experience their effects. Consume on their own or add it to your favourite food to make an easy edible.

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Sovrin Shatter 2.0 

Sovrin is a brand known for quality and we carry that reputation strong with our shatter lineup. We believe that quality matters more than quantity so we don’t cut any corners when it comes to our shatter. It is fully de-fatted and de-waxed and is fully purged before it’s packaged, leaving you with exactly what you’d expect from our brand – a pure, clean, earthy smoke guaranteed to get you medicated.

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Sovrin Sauce 

The Ultimate Dab. Sovrin Sauce combines the potency of THC Distillate and the full spectrum benefits of Live Resin to provide an extract like no other. Sovrin Sauce is the hardest hitting dab out there and is not recommended for beginners. Many seasoned smokers have said that smoking Sovrin Sauce was like getting high for the first time again, It’s that good. Try the Ultimate Dab today and you won’t want to smoke anything else.

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Sovrin’s official partners 

Sovrin Extracts is the official partner of the Canadian Professional Boxing Council and helps to provide some of Canada’s top athletes with high quality products to help aid in their recovery and training.

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